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George Takei & Apple Asian Labor: Where’s Your Apology, George?

March 19, 2012

I recently posted a rebuttal to a blog post by George Takei on alleged mistreatment of Asian plant workers by companies used by Apple for manufacturing.

In summary, George Takie expressed shock and dismay over Asian workers treatment as they exercised the opportunity presented by industrialization to better their lives by moving from communal subsistence farming to factory jobs.

Setting aside Takei’s ignorance of the economics of emerging economies and his overflowing western guilt, his post turns out to have one major flaw.

It’s based upon lies.

It turns out that This American Life, the radio show who broadcast the piece by Mike Daisey that set off the firestorm of liberal guilt did some fact checking after airing the piece, and found it lacking one of the basic elements of good journalism:  truth.  BBC reports on their retraction here.

The problem is that George Takei hasn’t issued a retraction or follow-up on his blog post.  In fact, the liberal media and anti-capitalist pundits have largely ignored the retraction, and continue to whine about the unfairness of horrible capitalism.

I offer an explanation of this lack of follow-up.  They don’t care about the workers for whom they expressed concern.  They were merely easy weapons to be used in an ongoing attack on capitalism.

I like George Takei and his blog.  I hope he proves me wrong.  I doubt he will.



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  1. It sounds like Georgie was just using the situation as a PR stunt.

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