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Fox Business Cancels Freedom Watch

February 9, 2012

Fox Business has cancelled Judge Andrew Napolitano’s Freedom Watch nightly show.

I had previously been pleasantly surprised that Fox Business gave airtime to libertarian leaning programming like Freedom Watch.

Lew Rockwell asserts that the cancellation is not due to a failure to achieve adequate ratings, although I see no justification for this assertion.

Apparently the programming was a bit too honest and encroached too much onto the anything-but-libertarian agenda of Roger Ailes.

John Stossel will be next.  I do hope that Warren Meyer, my colleague at Coyote Blog, will continue to have opportunities to contribute to Fox Business.

This is further evidence that the mainstream media is at war with liberty, positive change, and any message that might threaten their powerful stranglehold on public opinion in the US.

[Edit 2/9/2012 16:45: Reason has a nice eulogy for the show.]

[Edit #2 2/10/2012 02:00:  Courtesy of Tom Woods post on Facebook, a petition to the VP for Advertising at Fox Business sprang up rather quickly to save Freedom Watch.]

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